Secret local beach

Secret local beach

Hidden beaches and old villages in the wild Cinque Terre

In the mood for adventure? This is the tour for you!

Discover some of the Cinque Terre’s most beautiful coves and beaches, places inaccessible except from the sea. The Guvano and Canneto beaches await you, amidst breathtaking views and a small freshwater waterfall.

But we’ll also venture out to the wildest part of the coast, where old houses tower over the sea and ancient fishing villages have remained isolated from the crowds of the more touristy areas. Here the panorama has remained unchanged over the years, with caves to explore inside by swimming or snorkelling.

The ideal tour for adventure lovers where there will be no shortage of adrenalin-fuelled dives from sheer cliffs overlooking the sea, which may remind many of the exploits of the characters in the famous Disney film ‘Luca’, set right here on the Ligurian coast.