About us

Davide Rossi
Cinque Terre by the sea

Your guide

You can’t have a boat tour without a helmsman

Hi, my name is Davide Rossi, owner of Cinque Terre Adventure. For 26 years I have been living in this area with great passion, exploring the nature here and its most hidden and picturesque corners, always searching for new adventures.

My bond with the sea is what represents me most: from surfing and freediving, to sailing and fishing, I have covered all the possible fronts, so that now I know the marine environment around the Gulf of Poets and the entire coastline of the Cinque Terre like the back of my hand.

Growing up, I realised that my territory’s little gems and beauty, some of them better known than others, needed to be shared with others. Cinque Terre Adventure came into being from this awareness, an initiative based on a very simple philosophy: to offer a full-immersion experience guided by people who have really lived in these places and are able to speak about them and show them from the unique and privileged point of view of those who love the Cinque Terre and observe them every day with their eyes brimming with emotion.

The boat

You can’t have a helmsman without a boat

Yes, my collaborators and I will be your guides and your helmsmen. But not without our inseparable travelling companion, Calafuria 6, a boat built entirely in Italy at Cantieri Calafuria, at Cecina in Tuscany.

This ‘little’ jewel has a length overall of about 7 metres and a width of 2.5 metres. The right dimensions to comfortably accommodate up to 10 passengers with comfortable seating and a large sundeck.

But the comforts don’t stop here, because on board there’s also a freshwater shower, a sun canopy, a sound system and, of course, all the necessary safety systems for peaceful and relaxing sailing.

So all aboard and make yourselves comfortable!

The base of operations

You can’t have a boat without a safe harbour

Cinque Terre Adventure is based in Riomaggiore, in an old cellar used in the past by the village’s fishermen to store their fishing nets.

Its position directly facing the sea makes this office perfect as an info point, check-in point and kayak rental location, but above all as a starting point for enjoyable adventures on the waters of the Cinque Terre.