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Kayak tours and rental

Adrenaline-fuelled kayaking, snorkelling and ancient legends

Adrenaline-fuelled kayaking, snorkelling and ancient legends. Rent a kayak and experience the magical waters of the Cinque Terre on your own or under the guidance of locals.

Our team will provide all the directions for reaching the wonderful coves and the many villages that dot the Cinque Terre coastline.

Exo Shark 1 and Exo Shark 2 kayaks, single or double, and standup paddleboards (SUP) are available: easy to use, maximum safety and suitable for every level of experience, from beginner to expert.

Rental info and conditions

Single Kayak / Paddle board
1 hour: 10 €
2 hours: 20 €
3 hours: 25 €
4 hours:35€
All day: 50 €

Double Kayak
1 hour: 20 €
2 hours: 30 €
3 hours: 40 €
4 hour: 50€
All day: 80 €

PRICES: prices are per canoe, not person. We provide a watertight bag for towels and personal belongings, masks with snorkels and a life jacket all included in the price.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: you can leave your luggage and personal belongings at our offices for the duration of the rental.

GUIDED TOURS: on request, we can organise both guided kayak as well as SUP tours.