How to reach us

Where we are

We are in Riomaggiore’s harbour, in Via (road) Via S. Giacomo, 106
Riomaggiore Marine. We are just in front of the sea, you can reach us following this pin on google maps: here!

If you can’t find us just get to Riomaggiore’s harbour and ask for captain Davide. To get to the harbour you just need to walk down the main road, via Colombo, in the town, towards the sea. Once you get to the end of the road you will find some stairs going down towards the harbour, there are some signs as well. In general, in case you are late, make sure to contact me at the number +39 333 8937173.

By train

You can get a train from La Spezia, from where it takes 7 minutes, or from the other villages, the further one is Monterosso from where it takes 20 minutes. Consider that the trains might be late due to the high volume of passengers, therefore schedule your day with half an hour of margin for possible delays.

Once you get to the train station in Riomaggiore a five-minute walk is enough to get to the harbour. You just need to get out of the station, take the tunnel on the right, go through and then take the stairs right in front of its end.

By car

If you are coming from Genova or from that direction in general, Riomaggiore will be the last of the Cinque Terre that you will encounter. The opposite is true if you are coming from La Spezia or from Tuscany, Riomaggiore will be the first one.

With your car, you can get to the top of the town and look for parking there. There are no free parking spots, you can look for some place here. For the locals it takes 10 minutes to park the car and reach the harbour but since you probably don’t know the area that much you should take into account 30 minutes for this.

From there, to get to the harbour, you need simply to walk down the road towards the sea, you will find some stairs once you get to the end of via Colombo, those will bring you here.


NOTE: Consider that the parking slots are not that many so it is possible that you will not be able to find an empty one, don’t discard the option of stopping in La Spezia and catching the train from there!