Cinque Terre group tour

Private boat tour


€ 85 per person (max. 8-10 people)

Duration: 2.30 h

Departure: Riomaggiore

The Cinque Terre on the sea and lots of new friendships on board

An experience to be shared! But keep an eye on the season!

The beauty of the sea accompanied by a sip of wine: the perfect elements for meeting new people.

Group tours, for us, mean sharing an adventure with other people, even strangers.

We will visit the Cinque Terre from the sea, discovering tiny picturesque harbours and Instagrammable shots perfect for your smartphones: in a word, the best the various villages on the coast have to offer.

A first break, on the way there, will allow us to cool off at Guvano beach: it’s perfect for those who like to swim or explore the inlets with flippers and a snorkel.

On the way back, a second stop and another of our favourite coves awaits us where we can admire the seabed and its friendly marine inhabitants.

Before returning to land, what else can we do but have a taste of local wine on board, selected from the vineyards we will admire overlooking the sea on the way.

Please note that while this tour is perfect for the warmer months, in winter, when the temperature drops, snorkelling and swimming stops will be replaced with a half-hour onshore break: we will disembark in the picturesque village of Vernazza for a quick visit or an ice cream together.

Cinque Terre Classic

Info e conditions

Costs: the costs refer to the total amount for the boat (which is exclusively at your disposal) and the following services are to be considered ALL INCLUSIVE: local skipper on board, fuel, snorkelling masks, aquatic games, life jackets.

More info: Riomaggiore is the departure and return dock for all of the tours. (Starting from here means starting from the core of the national park). On request, departure and return docks can be customised for an eventual surcharge agreed upon IN ADVANCE: Manarola (+0€), Corniglia (+100€), Vernazza (+150€), Monterosso (+150€), Portovenere (+250€), La Spezia (additional cost on request).

Terms of cancellation: Up to 48 hours before the tour: free cancellation. Less than 48 hours from the date of the tour: fee equal to 100% of the payment.
All the modifications of the tour (starting point, time of departure and duration) has to be accepted 48 hours before the departure.